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Q&A with Monica Bhide

What was going on in your writing career when you made the decision to attend the Symposium?
I did not have any writing career at that point! I had just quit my full-time engineering job and was trying to figure out how to start writing full-time... MORE...

Q&A with Andrea King Collier
the most significant part of the Symposium experience is the networks and connections in a very relaxed and cohesive setting..." MORE...

As Diane said, the Greenbrier symposia were such formative experiences. From the ‘90s to the ‘00s, I have so many vivid memories of culinary luminaries—including you—freely sharing wisdom and insights. The Greenbrier was a warm and inspiring setting, but I firmly believe that the spirit of SPFW lives with you and will be transplanted in the symposium’s new home in Ohio. You always keep the symposium small and level the playing field so that everyone can talk, share, listen, teach, and learn together—equally. That sense of caring support and camaraderie instills such confidence in young, aspiring food writers. It is your gift—and it will be unwrapped once again this September.
DAVE JOACHIM, writer, editor, collaborator

Q&A with Sandra Gutierrez
The Symposium met my expectations and then some. I've never felt so nurtured, challenged, inspired, and empowered to make my writing dreams come true."  MORE...

My experience with the Symposium was that it felt more like a communal retreat than a conference. Toni’s manner made everyone feel right away that our presence really mattered, that each of us had something to offer the group, and that each us got better as the discussions grew more collaborative. 
JAMIE PURVIANCE, author of Weber's New Real Grilling: The Ultimate Cookbook for Every Backyard Griller

...I can't wait to experience the amazing camaraderie, mentorship, friendship, learning, and sharing of this Symposium. It really is an extraordinary event--one that I can't wait to experience over and over again. 

I'm home, in North Carolina this month, working on local events with museums. My first book has actually been received well by educational institutions and this year is a big one for Southern-Latino exhibits, so I'm doing a lot of lectures and cooking demonstrations. A new leg of my career, for sure, but one that I'm enjoying a lot. I'm doing an event for the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte next week, for their 100 top donors, and again later, for the public at large. Most exciting for me right now is a collaboration with the Smithsonian on an exhibit--more on that later!

I continue to teach cooking classes around the country and still enjoy that so very much. I love my students and learn so much from the questions they ask and the feedback they so generously give me. Teaching re-energizes me. Being away from my family is not always easy, but I've found a new sense of independence (in my 50's!) that I'm also enjoying. 

I'm still freelancing, so that's exciting--not as easy as it used to be because there are less magazines and more of them work in-house, but it's still happening for me. 

I've got a couple of book proposals that I'm working on too. I'm just taking a bit of a breather and don't feel like I've got to go at such a fast pace. These past four years have been a whirlwind--four books and tours for all, intermingling with the promotion of each book. It's like a dream come true. Lots of work, but the joy I feel makes it so worthwhile. 

I still remember my first coaching session with you at the Greenbrier. I recall how you encouraged me to write--you believed in me, and for that I'm ever-grateful. Really. Whatever I can do to help, Toni, it's an honor."
SANDRA A. GUTIERREZ, author of 2016 Gourmand Award for Empanadas: The Hand-Held Pies of Latin America

[In 2010], I was able to connect with a representative of iUniverse. He said that they would be happy to work with any publishers in India who are interested in an Asian edition. The contract for such an edition would be between the two publishers... Fortunately an online bookseller based in India (2013) - Flipkart - is selling my book in India... Also, the Indian wing of Amazon, is carrying it there. Since 2013, I am concentrating on writing about Indian food hstory on my web site, ...Again, thanks a million for everything... The Symposium and you are truly the best mentor any writer could hope for.
AMMINI RAMACHANDRAN, author of Grains, Greens and Grated Coconuts

     This note comes on the heels of a major home office clean out. And it is a love letter of sorts (!) for all the creative energy and unrivaled spirit you demonstrated during all the years of the Greenbrier Food Writing Symposium.
     In my quest to reorganize the bookshelves in my office, and free up some space, I stared at the nine (9!!) dark-green Greenbrier notebooks I had lined up on a shelf. I took them down and went through them, whittling down the important notes and handouts that are still completely relevant, looking over each speaker and attendee list and smiling at each group photo.
     My gosh, those were splendid years for me, professionally and personally. I attended in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011. It was a walk down memory lane. My nine notebooks are now compressed to three. I even found a few unused pads of lined Greenbrier notebook paper, too. I love using those!
     It will be another few years, I am sure, before I tackle such a big office clean out again, but those notebooks are permanent fixtures in my office for years to come. The memories they jog are too precious. The friendships made, the ongoing relationships sustained through the intimacy of what you created. A truly treasured time and highlight of my food writing career.
DIANE MORGAN, author of Salmon: Everything You Need to Know + 50 Recipes

Some of the Symposium Faculty, 1989 to 2016...

Antonia Allegra  Elissa Altman  Pamela Anderson  Michael Bauer  Rick Bayless  Carole Bidnick  Laurie Buckle  Cathy Cochran-Lewis  Julia Child  Andrea King Collier  Shirley Corriher  Elaine Corn  Joe Crea  Heidi Cusic Dickerson  Patricia Dailey  William H. Daley  Cara DaSilva  Steve Dolinsky  Naomi Duguid  Nathalie Dupree  Malachy Duffy  Jane Dystel  Lisa Ekus  Florence Fabricant  Barbara Fairchild  Barbara Fenzl  Jennifer Ferrari-Adler  Carol Field  Janet Fletcher  Jane Frieman  Don Fry  Jason Fry  Joan Fry  Betty Fussell  Jonathan Gold  Joyce Goldstein  Judy Graham  Aliza Green  Dorie Greenspan  Peggy Grodinsky  Maria Guanaschelli  Sam Gugino  Barbara Haber  Jack Hart  Amanda Hesser  Christopher Hirscheimer  Martha Holmberg  Holly Hughes  Jeremy Iggers  Dianne Jacob  David Joachim  Lorena Jones  Pableaux Johnson  Jennifer Josephy  Barbara Kafka  Dorothy Kalins  Kristine Kidd  Louise Kiernan  Francis Lam  Bill LeBlond  David Leite  Hugo Liu  Rux Martin  Nancie McDermott  Alice Medrich  Kirsty Melville  Sydny Miner  Sara Moulton  Joan Nathan  Andrea Nguyen  Molly O’Neill  Barbara Gibbs Ostmann  Russ Parsons  Greg Patent  James Peterson  Ann Taylor Pittman  Jamie Purviance  Suzanne Rafer  Hannah Rahill  Joan Reardon  Charles Reidelbach, Jr.  Justin Renard  Tori Ritchie  Rick Rogers  Michael Ruhlman  Amelia Saltsman  Andy Schloss  Bruce Schoenfeld  Kim Severson  Tom Sietsema  Marie Simmons  Jamie Simpson  Andrew Smith  Mark Sohn  Jeffrey Steingarten  Heidi Swanson  Leslie Stoker  Bonnie Tandy-LeBlang  Fred Thompson  Jamie Tiampo  Toni Tipton-Martin  Margo True  Robb Walsh  Molly Watson  Judith Weber  Aaron Wehner  Carolyn Weil  Anne Willan  Virginia Willis  Molly Wizenberg  Joe Yonan  Grace Young  

Julia Child, Anne Willan, and Antonia Allegra. Greenbrier, circa 1996. Photo by Sally Bernstein. 

Julia Child, Anne Willan, and Antonia Allegra. Greenbrier, circa 1996. Photo by Sally Bernstein. 

Those were great days at Greenbrier, both personally and professionally. Where would we have all been without Toni to shepherd us down the road to ever better writing and networking? I still remember pitching to Barbara F[enzl] for the first time when we were on a panel together in 2002, which resulted in being a contributing writer to Bon App for many years. And of course I’ll never forget bowling with you and Michael Bauer.
TORI RITCHIE, author of numerous cookbooks, the most recent being The Side Dish Handbook, and host of CBS/TV's "The Five-Minute Cooking School." 

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